Fiji Electricity Authority

Senior Network Engineer

Dates Employed – Feb 2005 – Jun 2006
Employment Duration – 1 yr 5 mos
Location – Fiji
Initially entered the country with www.lolomafoundation.org where we brought technology to some most remote locations I’ve ever witnessed. Afterwards I worked for the Ministry for Social Welfare as a technical advisor, helped with a boy’s home, Suva Happy Home Project and held several consulting positions for an insurance company, the telephone and internet provider. Also, I performed several auditing projects for an island water supply firm and installed solar powered telecommunication station where I finally ended up with the Fiji Electric Authority for the last six months of my tour.

The main focus of my stay in Fiji was to teach others about technology and to have a positive influence on people who may not otherwise be able to learn about IT.
Key Items: AD; Exchange; Network Engineering; GPO/OU Design/Management