Mini Cooper Service

I’ve got a intake valve blasting machine and a pile of tools. I am able to perform the work on the Mini in my driveway or yours on the weekends. You’re more than welcome to hang out and watch what I do, and am very professional about everything.
So, I’m offering the service of:
Intake valve blasting – 500
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement – 75
Thermostat Housing and Pipe Replacement – 400
Spark Plug Replacement – 75
Brakes all around for about 200 – maybe a little less depending on if it’s pads and rotors vs just pads
Detroit Tune Oil line along with all the goodies for 700 – this is an overnight project
Prices above is for labor – bring your own parts.
Again, I do all my own work on everything I’ve owned since I was old enough to turn a wrench. I live right next to the Mini dealer so getting parts is easy and there is an Advance, Auto-Zone and O’Rileys in the neighborhood.

Let me know what ails ya!

I’d prefer to do same day service, so come early Saturday or Sunday and I’ll have you out by lunch or shortly thereafter