Hi and thank you for visiting my Auto mechanic site.

Since I was a small boy I took things apart with such severity that it drove my parents crazy. From clock radios to a very large scale model battleship. Things were broken around the house and then scattered to the wind. But, my parents persevered through those stages and I got better at putting those things back together again. Entering record book projects about Petroleum Power with 4-H helped me learn how to be very specific about managing time and quality control. Continued interest in mechanical things keeps me busy working on other peoples’ cars frequently and so now I’ve decided to try and see if I can make a hand at it. There are several cars which love very much, due to the eccentricities of their design.

Top model for me is the SAAB Model 99 Natural or Turbo, I love the sound of the engine and the lines of the body.

Second, pretty much any 40’s model truck, but more specifically, the 1948 International KB-1, this engine is a work horse, the body something out of an art book, and everything about this vehicle is just amazing. – the crank out front glass, the stomp starter, etc…

Third, the 2005 – 2006 KJ Jeep Liberty CRD – The VM Motori engine in this thing is amazing – okay it’s got a couple weak links, but with proper maintenance and some love, it’s an amazing car, truck, jeep, whatever. it’s awesome.

Fourth, the Mini Cooper model S – the one with the Turbo. Yes, this car is quirky basically like driving a crystal glass around. but the engine is something of a marvel to me, and since we own one – a 2008 Cooper Clubman S, I’ve been very intimate with it. – both mechanically and electrically.

Finally we have the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel ours is in the shape of a 2005 Excursion. Almost a 16 year old vehicle with 160k miles, this truck has seen some service. Hauling our boat across Texas to delivering a portable Crane from Champagne to Brownwood and several cross country hauls from Austin to LA. The love our family shows to this truck will be the same care we show to your Powerstroke diesel engine.